Taking over the blog

Hi from Aimee! This is my first blog post on the brand new Northern Pole Dance website… in fact, it is my first blog post EVER ! so the chances are its not going to be correct or work very well… so stick with me while I learn ok!?

We’ve had one or two changes in the studio recently, the loss of some of out longer term instructors has been sad. But this is how the world ticks along and we’ve replaced our older instructors with fresh faced and keen newbies! Check out their profiles on the Northern Pole Dance instructor profiles pages http://northernpoledance.com/instructors-northern-pole-dance-uk/

Tickets for Northern Pole Princess 2013 have flown out of the website shop www.northernpoledance.co.uk/shop/ so much so that we are on the last few available tickets as I write this post! Seated tickets sold out in record time, we’re currently at 30 standing tickets and 40 balcony tickets remaining. For information about the event have a look on the Event page of the NPD website here http://northernpoledance.com/events/ We moved to a bigger venue this year in order to allow more tickets to be sold… Who knows where we’ll need to book for 2014?? Maybe the arena at this rate!? I just want to take this opportunity to that everyone for supporting Northern Pole Princess year after year, without all of your support we wouldn’t be able to keep making this competition so fantastic.

Speaking of fantastic events…. right after the competition we’ve got Masterclasses with Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 and 2012! Come along and train with Jess Leanne Norris or Sarah Scott! Two Miss Pole Dance champions in the same day – can you handle it?? Again, you can find all of the payment links and info on the NPD website shop www.northernpoledance.co.uk/shop/ all of the masterclasses will be held in the NPD studio have a spy at the map on our website if you are unsure.

Thanks for reading, speak soon!
Kisses ! 🙂

Aimee xoxox