Aerial Hoop classes in Newcastle

2DSC_5299Aerial Hoop (or aerial lyra) is a circus-based skill which involves using a metal aerial hoop suspended from the ceiling to support aerial moves and choreography. It is a great way of building strength and flexibility while having fun.

At Northern Pole Dance, we have three aerial hoops – one 2-point hoop which is 95cm in diameter, and two 1-point hoops which are 90cm and 100cm in diameter, so we can make sure you’re in a hoop that’s big (or small!) enough for you. We also have spinners to 2DSC_5331allow hoops to spin around freely, which always gives our students a big giggle! Our hoops are all professional quality and strong enough to support all sizes and shapes, though we do use crash mats throughout the aerial lyra class for your safety and confidence.

For Aerial Hoop classes, is it recommended you have the backs of your knees well covered. Tight-fitting trousers such as leggings are perfect (two pairs layered up are even better!) with leg warmers on top for extra comfort – we stock extra long leg warmers in the shop at the studio if you haven’t got a pair direct from the 80’s! Some students prefer to wear a swimsuit or bodysuit, though a tshirt or top works just as well. If you’re interested in trying out aerial hoop, have a look at our timetable for class times – these classes are incredibly popular so please get booked in to avoid disappointment!