Flexibility Classes

These classes will aim to learn how to improve flexibility with certain stretching exercises and stretches to improve flexibility.

A message from Aimee “I set out to improve my flexibility way back in 2009… I could just about do the splits on one side when I started on my flex journey. Now I can regularly be found in compromising stretched positions in the Northern Pole Dance Studio – so come and join me and give it a go! It is for everyone from those who can barely untie their shoe laces, to people who can turn themselves inside out!”

Flexing is fun! Come along and give it a go!

Please ensure you wear layers of clothing for flex class – you need to be warm so pole shorts and vest tops are a no-no! Lots of layers and knee pads are recommended to protect sore knees.

Check out our flex instructor Den 12193890_10153083907096205_1465489612597981619_n