Our Studio

In 2012 Northern Pole Dance moved the poles from a gym studio and moved into our very own studio. It took a couple of months of 24/7 work but we’ve renovated from a dirty horrible dis-used warehouse space into a fantastic light airey Pole Dance Fitness Centre and Aerial Yoga Studio.

Our Northern Pole Dance studio is based right in the heart of the city centre in Newcastle upon Tyne. The studio is the perfect space that was literally built to fit our classes in it.


The NPD studio has welcomed many of the big named ‘Pole-ebrities’ through the doors – including Felix Cane, Anastasia, Evgeny Geishilov, Alethea Austin, Becca Butcher, Jess Leanne Norris, Sarah Scott, Michelle Shimmy, NiCo Modestine, Daniel Rosen, Zoraya Judd and Nic Judd … And every year we welcome new Polers who never want to leave when they’ve walked through the doors…. We get the same reaction from our students who quite often try to move in – checking the building after the last class is always interesting as we often have to kick out a few students who try to hide behind the sofas and live there!

We have held some fantastic events in the studio too, in 2012 we had a studio pole competition as well as a studio christmas showcase. Not only that but we also held a British Heart Foundation Fundraiser which had a number of local bands and dancers performing in the studio !>

As well as studio events we also host Instructor Training from various different training providers. Please keep an eye out for training courses in various different areas… including; Pole Instructor, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop, International Judge Training and Pole Sport Coach and Athlete Training.